Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Benson Henderson (-300) vs Gilbert Melendez*** (+250) MY PICK- Melendez =MISS (DC)
Frank Mir (+350) vs Daniel Cormier** (-400) MY PICK: Cormier =HIT (DC)
Nate Diaz*** (-200) vs Josh Thompson*** (+175) MY PICK: Diaz =MISS(2nd rd KO)
Matt Brown (+270) vs Jordan Mein (-350) MY PICK: Brown =HIT (3RD rd KO)


*From Cali
**Fighting out of Cali
***From and Fighting out of Cali

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Benson Henderson (-300) vs Gilbert Melendez*** (+250) MY PICK: Melendez
Frank Mir (+350) vs Daniel Cormier** (-400) MY PICK: Cormier
Nate Diaz*** (-200) vs Josh Thompson*** (+175) MY PICK: Diaz
Matt Brown (+270) vs Jordan Mein (-350) MY PICK: Brown

*From Cali
**Fighting out of Cali
***From and Fighting out of Cali

Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale Results

Urijah Faber*** vs. Scott Jorgensen  MY PICK: Faber = HIT (4th rd SUB)
Uriah Hall (-370) vs. Kelvin Gastelum* (+280) MY PICK: Hall = MISS (DC)
Cat Zingano (-130) vs. Miesha Tate (+100) MY PICK: Tate = MISS (3rd rd KO)
Bart Palaszewski (-190) vs. Cole Miller (+150) MY PICK: = HIT (1st rd SUB)
Travis Browne (-290) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (+230) MY PICK: Gonzaga = MISS (1st rd KO)
Robert McDaniel (-170) vs. Gilbert Smith (+140) MY PICK: Smith = MISS (3rd rd SUB)

Daniel Pineda (-130) vs. Justin Lawrence* (-110)  MY PICK: Lawrence = MISS (1st rd  SUB)
Maximo Blanco (-245) vs. Sam Sicilia (+175)  MY PICK: Blanco = HIT (DC)
Jimmy Quinlan (-130) vs. Dylan Andrews (-110) MY PICK: Andrews = HIT (1st rd KO)
Luke Barnatt (-130) vs. Collin Hart*** (-110) MY PICK: Hart = MISS (DC)
Josh Samman (-390) vs. Kevin Casey*** (+270) MY PICK: Samman HIT (2nd rd KO)
Clint Hester (-170) vs. Bristol Marunde (+130) MY PICK: Marunde MISS (3RD rd KO)


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ultimate Fighter Finale Picks

Urijah Faber*** (-450) vs. Scott Jorgensen (+360) MY PICK: Faber
Uriah Hall (-370) vs. Kelvin Gastelum* (+280) MY PICK: Hall
Cat Zingano (-130) vs. Miesha Tate (+100) MY PICK: Tate
Bart Palaszewski (-190) vs. Cole Miller (+150) MY PICK: Miller
Travis Browne (-290) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (+230) MY PICK: Gonzaga
Robert McDaniel (-170) vs. Gilbert Smith (+140) MY PICK: Smith

Daniel Pineda (-130) vs. Justin Lawrence* (-110)  MY PICK: Lawrence
Maximo Blanco (-245) vs. Sam Sicilia (+175)  MY PICK: Blanco
Jimmy Quinlan (-130) vs. Dylan Andrews (-110) MY PICK: Andrews
Luke Barnatt (-130) vs. Collin Hart*** (-110) MY PICK: Hart
Josh Samman (-390) vs. Kevin Casey*** (+270) MY PICK: Samman
Clint Hester (-170) vs. Bristol Marunde (+130) MY PICK: Marunde

*From Cali
**Fighting out of Cali
***From and Fighting out of Cali

Stephen Quadros

The Fight Professor, Stephen Quadros discusses Glory World Series, being a pioneer of MMA Journalism, Previews of Ultimate Fighter Finale & Gilbert Melendez vs Benson Hendersen, Bay Area Fight Crowds plus more.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

UFC 158 Results

Mike Ricci def Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision - HIT
Chris Camozzi* def. Nick Ring via split decision - HIT
Jake Ellenberger** def. Nate Marquardt via 1st Round KO - HIT
Johny Hendricks def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision - HIT
Georges St-Pierre def. Nick Diaz*** via unanimous decision - MISS

      This Event featured decent fights.  I was too stoked for Diaz/GSP to take these fights in the way they deserved.  Fight of the night goes to Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit.  Lot's of action this fight, showing how tough, talented and athletic the top welter-weight contenders are in the UFC.  Condit needs to abandon the stick and move, back-pedal tactics.  Those tactics which won him a interim title last year is also the reason that he lost the first round.  Along with his toughness the big play power shot is Carlos's best chance to succeed.  Greg Jackson needs to unleash the natural born killer.

      The GSP/Diaz bout was frustrating to see, no surprise considering that is the consensus among fans after every GSP performance.  GSP favors controlling his opponents over going for a finish.  This fight was sold as the fight that George was gonna go for the kill but in the end Nick Diaz said it best during the classic lead up to the bout "George and Dana are selling Wolf-Tickets" Even with GSP focusing more on control, Nick Diaz landed some great punches throughout the fight leading to George's face being lumped up bad.  After 5 rounds it looked as if Diaz was starting to take the momentum away from the Canadian but
the fight wasn't long enough to see.
GSP retains title, Hendricks the clear number one contender gets the next chance which should be interesting to see George fight somebody who is a better wrestler with heavy hands, hopefully Johny doesnt go out like the last guy who had that advantage with similar a skill set, Josh Koscheck. I Rate the event 7/10 overall for a great buildup with a Main Event that featured biggest threat to GSP and the Canadian champ getting lumped up. Plus Condit vs Hendricks was very effective buildup to the next title strap.


*From Cali
**Fighting out of Cali
***From and Fighting out of Cali

Friday, March 15, 2013

UFC 158 picks

Mike Ricci (-300) vs Colin Fletcher (+290) MY PICK: RICCI
Chris Camozzi* (+105) vs Nick Ring (-115) MY PICK: COMOZZI
Nate Marquart (+150) vs Jake Ellenberger** (-160) MY PICK: ELLENBERGER
Carlos Condit (+120) vs Johnny Hendricks (-130) MY PICK: Hendricks
Nick Diaz*** (+435) vs George St. Pierre (-440) MY PICK: DIAZ

*From Cali
**Fighting out of Cali
***From and Fighting out of Cali


Wanderlei Silva def. Brian Stann  MY PICK:SILVA- HIT (Fight of the night, possible Fight of the year)
Awesome display of heroism from both men as they let the fist fly, knocking each other down multiple times in a ALL-TIME bout that will last the test of time.

Mark Hunt def. Stefan Struve  MY PICK: STRUVE- MISS
Great fight that showed courageous Struve standing and trading with former K1 champ.  Hunt displayed good grappling ability and eventually KO'd Struve in the 3rd.  GREAT FIGHT

Diego Sanchez def. Takanori Gomi MY PICK: SANCHEZ- HIT
Controversial decision in which I scored the victory for Gomi.  Gomi robbed by judges in front of home japanese crowd.

Yushin Okami def. Hector Lombard MY PICK:LOMBARD- MISS

Rani Yahya def. Mizuto Hirota MY PICK: YAHYA- HIT

Dong Hyun Kim def. Siyar Bahadurzada MY PICK KIM- HIT

Show started out very boring with 3 split decisions to start the show and then Gomi got robbed a decision in Japan.  The Show picked up lots of heat with Hunt vs Struve.  The main event was worth every boring minute of the show as Wand and Stann put on a barn burning performance.

Check out BloodStainLane's Video Review of the event


Friday, March 1, 2013

UFC 157 RESULTS and UFConFUEL 8 Picks

 Robbie Lawler (+350) def. Josh Koshcheck via KO MY PICK Josh Koscheck MISS
Court McGee (-290) def. Josh Neer via Judges Decision MY PICK: Josh Neer MISS
Urijah Faber** (-400) def Ivan Menjivar via submission MY PICK: Urijah Faber HIT
Lyoto Machida (-225) def Dan Hendersen via Judges Decision MY PICK: Dan Hendersen MISS
Ronda Rousey (-1200) def Liz Carmouche  MY PICK: Ronda Rousey HIT

2/5 Fights predicted.  6/11 Overall Tally So Far

Best fight of the night was Faber vs Menjivar.
Lawler was very impressive in controversial stoppage
Machida was boring utilizing karate style point fighting and ruined what I thought was going to be an awesome fight.
Rousey was impressive even though Carmouche is not a top contender.

Overall I rate this event a 6/10 for being uneventful


Wanderlei Silva (+225) vs. Brian Stann (-265) MY PICK- Silva
Mark Hunt (+155) vs. No. 9 Stefan Struve (-175) MY PICK- Struve
Takanori Gomi (+250) vs. Diego Sanchez (-300) MY PICK-Sanchez
No. 4 Yushin Okami (+170) vs. No. 8 Hector Lombard (-190) MY PICK- Lombard
Mizuto Hirota (-110) vs. Rani Yahya (-110) MY PICK- Yahya
Dong Hyun Kim (-300) vs. Siyar Bahadurzada (+250) MY PICK- Kim


Friday, February 22, 2013


Check this out on Chirbit

Josh Koscheck**(-500) vs Robbie Lawler (+350) MY PICK: Josh Koscheck
Court McGee (-290) vs Josh Neer (+230) MY PICK: Josh Neer
Urijah Faber** (-400) vs Ivan Menjivar (+300) MY PICK: Urijah Faber
Lyoto Machida (-225) vs Dan Hendersen (+185) MY PICK: Dan Hendersen
Ronda Rousey (-1200) vs Liz Carmouche (+800) MY PICK: Ronda Rousey

First Female fight in UFC history is a very lopsided matchup that I doubt will be competitive.  Hendersen vs Machida is the most interesting fight of the night ALWAYS bet on Dan is a good philosophy especially if he is an underdog.  Faber should have his hands full with Menjivar but will win a decision with his superior athletic ability.  Josh Neer is in a must win situation considering it is his third stint in UFC and lost his last two fights. I think Neer will rise to the occasion and is due for a great performance.  Lawler will have a hard time in his UFC comeback fight dealing with the wrestling and athletic prowess of Koscheck.  California heavy card- Hendersen, McGee, Lawler and both female fighters are from Socal.  **Josh Koscheck and Urijah Faber are from Nor-Cal.

Check this out on Chirbit

UFConFUEL7 results

Matt Riddle def. Che Mills via Decision (HIT)(pick of the week)
James Te Huna def. Ryan Jimmo via Unanimous Decision (HIT) (Best Fight)
Gunnar Nelson def Jorge Santiago via Unanimous Decision (HIT)
Jimi Manuwa* def Cyrille Diabate via TKO when CD didn't answer bell (HIT)
Cub Swanson def Dustin Poirier via Unanimous Decision (MISS)
Renan Barao def Michael McDonald** via Arm-Triangle Submission R4 (MISS)

I rate the event a 6 out of 10. The majority of fights were lackluster or decided by judges.  The highlight fight of the night was James TeHuna def Ryan Jimmo.  TeHuna was hurt bad in the first round and the fight was almost stopped by the ref numerous times when TeHuna would dodge punches on the ground and cover up effectively during a ruthless assault from Jimmo.  Round two and three TeHuna showed a warriors spirit and dominated those rounds earning himself a victory.  Look for big things in near future from Nelson and Swanson who also looked very strong.  Barao proved he was a legit champion by finishing Michael McDonald with a sub in the fourth.  McDonald was able to land his vicious uppercut and had Barao's knees buckled a few times but Renan recovered well and showed a great chin.  I think Barao, who is essentially a lighter version of Jose Aldo, would defeat Cruz as well.

*from NorCal   **from and fighting out of NorCal

Friday, February 15, 2013

UFC ON FUEL 7 Michael "Mayday" McDonald vs Renan Barao picks

Interim Bantamweight Championship-
Renan Barao (-300) vs Michael "MayDay" McDonald** (+250)
MY PICK: McDonald by KO
I think McDonald will win by punches to become the youngest UFC champion in history, bringing another title to the Northern California region.

FW- Cub Swanson (-125) vs Dustin Poirier (+125)  MY PICK: Poirier
LHW- Jimi Manuwa* (-240) vs Cyrille Diabate (+200) MY PICK: Manuwa
MW- Gunnar Nelson (-240) vs Jorge Santiago (+200) MY PICK: Nelson
LHW- James Te Huna (-210) vs Ryan Jimmo (+180) MY PICK: Te Huna
WW- Che Mills (-210) vs Matt Riddle (+180) MY PICK: Riddle

Strong Underdog picks to start the show and to end the show on FuelTV with Matt Riddle having a distinct grappling advantage over Che Mills in the opener.

**Two Asterisks note fighter is from and fights out of NorCal
* Single Astertiks note fighter is from NorCal but fights out of area

Sunday, October 21, 2012

CageCombatFC "Rise &Fall" RESULTS

FIRST FIGHT-125 lb- Shane Boyd (Weimers Elite Cage Alliance) vs Ty Shuss (Mendo Combat Club)  After about 5-10 minutes waiting in cage for fight to start the two anxious combatants went at it with headgear on. Shane Boyd came out throwing big rights, Ty responded by taking his opponent down to the mat. After some work in side control from Ty, Shane was able to get back up to his feet, pummeled against the cage and landed a nice knee to Ty's midsection. The fighters traded hooks, Ty countered Shane's take-down attempt by sinking in a guillotine choke. Shane was unable to slip out of the guillotine. 

WINNER- Ty Shuss via Guillotine Choke (1st Round 1:14) 

SECOND FIGHT- 125 lb- Amanda Brackett (Weimers Elite Cage Alliance) vs Megan Farnham (NCFA) The fight began with Megan landing the  more technical shots, moving in and out of range landing great hooks and right straights. Amanda showed tons of courage standing in there and trying to land some hay-makers. After Megan landed a few leg kicks, Amanda shot for a take-
down. Megan used a  choke to thwart the take-down then released it throwing a couple vicious uppercuts.  With about only 10 seconds left in the round Megan, with dominance, THREW Amanda into the Cage followed up with left-right punch combinations until the ref saw enough and stopped the fight. 
 WINNER- Megan Farnham via Ref Stoppage due to strikes. (1st Round 1:59) 

THIRD FIGHT- 170 lb- Matt Weimar (Weimers Elite Cage Alliance) vs Nate Bresnan (NCFA) 
This bout started with a very aggressive Nate throwing left-right punching combos across the cage, forcing Matt against the fence. Nate momentarily took Matt down before Matt popped back to his feet and was able to pummel Nate against the fence. During separation Nate threw some nice leg kicks and punching combos. Matt was able to clinch with Nate against the fence to finish out a close round which I gave the advantage both striking and grappling wise to Nate. The Second Round Matt came out with a couple nice leg kicks. Nate was able to push Matt forward against the fence and land a devastating power knee. Nate then took Matt down to the ground. This time Matt was not able to bounce up to his feet and took damage. Second Round was all Nate Bresnan. The Third Round Matt was still game and fired some great jabs, landed a big shot and scored a nice take-down. Nate responded by getting back to his feet landing his own punching combination followed by a take-down of his own with some really effective ground and pound body shots. Nate then dictated the ground game for the remainder of the bout. 


WINNER- Nate Bresnan via unanimous decision. 

FOURTH FIGHT- 145 lb- Autumn Norton (Iron Pitt Fight Team) vs Kelly Faszholz (NCFA)
Autumn came outta bell firing leg and front kicks.  Kelly responds by throwing punches, backing Autumn against the fence.  While clinched against the fence Autumn attempts a guillotine but Kelly grappled into side control then into the full mount.  The first round finishes with Kelly throwing punches in the mount but Autumn did a good job of not letting Kelly posture up and deliver finishing punches.  Round 1 goes to Faszholz hands down.  Round 2 began similarly to Round 1 in that Autumn was throwing kicks with ruthless intent.  Autumn got off a nice right hand and delivered a knee.  Kelly responded with a take-down.  The ground game was all Faszholz as she achieved the mount position again, this time Autumn was mounted with her head against the fence and she was unable to stop Kelly from posturing above and dropping brutal punches, elbows and some back hammer-fists.  The Ref saw enough and stopped the fight.

WINNER- Kelly Faszholz via Ref Stoppage due to strikes. (2nd Round 1:33) 

FIFTH FIGHT- Heavyweights- Donny Catalono vs Nick Heil
Donny came out with tons of passion in front of the fans and wrestled Nick Heil right from the bell. Donny scored a take-down from the clinch in the beginning of the round.  Nick was able to sweep from the half-guard.  The grappling was very active as both men struggled for position. Donny shot in for another take-down but Nick countered with a guillotine attempt.  Donny survived the choke attempt and ended the round up riding Nick's back landing shots periodically.  I gave the 1st round to Donny for his wrestling.  Round 2 Nick came out with great leg kick.  Donny was no longer able to keep up his high pace, Nick was able to get the back and sink the rear-naked choke tapping Donny out. 

WINNER- Nick Heil via Rear-Naked Choke (2nd Round :48) 

SIXTH FIGHT-155lb TITLE- Lewis Gonzalez (Team Voodoo) vs Bobby Stack (Skrap Pack)
Lewis came out like a man on a mission for the 155lb CCFC Strap as he scored the first take-down.  Bobby skillfully swept him and the fighters ended up standing.  Lewis again gets a nice single leg take down and ends up in side control.  Bobby took some elbows and short punches before he worked to half guard and eventually back to his feet.  Lewis kept a relentless pace as he wrestled Bobby against the cage, earning a take-down.  Bobby showed the grit of a true fighter by making his way back to his feet and finishing the round with a great take-down into side control. First Round I gave to Lewis for the take-downs and leading the dance for the most part.
Round 2 began with a highly entertaining exchange of front kicks, wild punches and wicked spinning back fists from Bobby.  Lewis again earns himself a take-down.  From side control with lots of time left in the rounds Lewis began dropping knees onto the grounded opponents body esimilar to GSP vs Matt Serra.  Lewis then let the fist fly after transferring to a mount position.  Bobby then escaped a rear naked after rolling to his belly and back into the mount for some elbows.  The Referee stepped in to stop the fight after repetitve strikes from the mount position

WINNER- Lewis Gonzalez -155lb Champion- via Ref Stoppage due to Strikes (2nd Round 2:23)

SEVENTH FIGHT-150lbs- Dillon Mueller (Team Carnage) vs Marcello Cassero (NCFA)
The bout started with the both fighters chunking big punches with a slight edge going to Cassero for landing the more effective straight right-hands and a big knee.  Another knee was landed by Marcello in the clinch and Dillon effectively responded with a take-down.  A very dangerous Cassero from his back, grabbed Dillon's arm and attempted an arm-bar submission.  Dillon smartly avoided it and stood up but Marcello never let go of the arm and the fighters ended up against the fence.  Dillon landed knee's and attempted shots against the fence all the while Marcello would not give up the arm. Grappling the arm paid off for Cassero as he ends the round with a triangle choke dropping big shots on Dillon at the buzzer of round one. CLOSEST ROUND OF THE NIGHT goes to Cassero.  Round Two stars with Cassero slipping out of the way of punch and landing a left hook that buckles Dillon for only a moment as he stalks Marcello around the cage using great range and straight lefts.  Cassero finds a home once again for the left hook counter over the southpaws jabbing rights.  Both fighters shuffled their feet around the cage in an incredible display of footwork.  Dillon suddenly snatches a single leg getting on top of Marcello into his half guard.  A second and a slick grappling technique later Marcello had Dillon trapped in a Triangle choke.  There was ZERO quit in Dillon as he struggled and squirmed but could not escape the heavy barrage of rapid elbows.  The Referee mercifully called the fight after seeing there was little Mueller could do get out of the situation he was stuck in.  MY PICK FOR FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!



WINNER-Marcello Cassero via Ref stoppage from strikes in Triangle Choke (2nd Round 1:22)

MAIN EVENT-265- Dave Huckaba (HNG) vs Carl "Bad-Water" Seumanutafa (Skrap pack)
Carl answered the bell by throwing some good leg kicks, Huckaba kept moving forward firing his  mega right hand trying to find the range.  Huckaba then attacked Carl with power hooks to the body.  In a INCREDIBLE MOMENT both fighters traded hooks at the same time, Carl when down and Huckaba got knocked back stumbling all the way across the cage.  Carl got up, backed against the fence, threw jabs and then clinched to keep Huckaba from doing any more immediate damage.  After the ref split the clinch Dave threw a powerful four punch left-right combo.  Carl then clinches up trying for a take-down but ends up being controlled by Huckaba against the fence.  Huckaba then finds the space and delivers the right hand of doom dropping Carl against the fence.  Carl was hurt but the referee didn't think it was done so Huckaba then delivered a final brutalizing left hook to Carl as he sat against the fence.  Vicious Knockout to end a night of great fights!!!



WINNER Dave Huckaba via KO (1st Round 4:35)


Ty Shuss def. Shane Boyd via Guillotine Choke (1st Round 1:14) 
Megan Farnham def. Amanda Brackett via Ref Stoppage due to strikes. (1st Round 1:59)
Nate Bresnan def. Matt Weimar via unanimous decision 
Kelly Faszholz def. via Ref Stoppage due to strikes. (2nd Round 1:33)
Nick Heil def. Donny Catalono via Tapout to Rear-Naked Choke (2nd Round :48)
Lewis Gonzalez def. Bobby Stack via Ref Stoppage due to Strikes (2nd Round 2:23)155lbCHAMP
Marcello Cassero def Dillon Mueller via Ref Stoppage due to Strikes in Triangle (2nd Round 1:22)
Dave Huckaba def Carl Seumanutafa via Knockout (1st Round 4:35)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

CCFC Rise and FAll Weigh-ins

Carl "Bad-Water" Seumanutafa 258 vs Dave Huckaba 262

Marcello Cassero 150 vs Dillon Mueller 149

Lewis Gonzalez 155 vs Bobby Stack 154
Donny Catalono 204  vs Nick Heil

Ty Shuss 124.5 vs Shane Boyd 128

Nate Bresnan 171 vs Matt Weimar 171.5

Amanda Brackett vs Meg Farnham 124
Autumn Norton 147 vs Kelly Fazsolz 146